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For my bachelor project I designed a fictional tattoo museum with an integrated bar and a tattoo studio. The idea was to present tattooing and it’s culture in a contemporary way. The integration of the bar and the studio should work as a platform for young tattoo artists and connect the knowledge and the craft. To attract both people who are into tattoos and also people who are only interested in the cultural aspect, the museum is divided in different areas which are arranged in concentric circles. Theses four main areas do represent the tattoo-culture of their geographical points. If you switch to the inner circle you can experience what developed out of these different cultures until recently. In the core you will find the the bar, the temporary exhibition and the tattoo studio.

For Tickets & Skin Decoration at the museum.
Pattern development for tattoo regions: (Built out of Glyphs of Typejockeys Premiera)
Asian Culture, Western Culture, African Culture & Arctic Culture 
Museums folder & close ups
Advertising Campaign to attract people who are interested in the cultural aspect.
City Lights were used in combination with surprising facts about people you would never thought they had tattoos:
Ötzi the Iceman | Thomas Edison | Empress Elisabeth of Austria
Temporary Exhibition Catalogue:
This Issue: Valentin Hirsch 

I went to Berlin to visit the artist and document his work for a week.

Picture Credits: 
Gallery: Valentin Hirsch
Interview: Georg Schober

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